SIL Certification – Value or Vanity – Webinar by Paulo Oliveira

SIL Certification Value or Vanity Webinar by Paulo Oliveira Engineering Safety Consultants

SIL Certification – Value or Vanity – Webinar

Webinar given by Engineering Safety Consultants (ESC)’s Paulo Oliveira on SIL Certification – Value or Vanity in May 2020.

This webinar sets out the key elements of certification in relation to IEC 61508.

IEC61508 requirements for a traceable and systematic approach to the capability of safety related systems has given rise to certification activities which aim at quantifying the SIL capability of elements and systems. The IEC61508 standard does not mandate certification as a necessary activity to demonstrate compliance with the requirements explicit therein. So why is certification needed?

The risk of poorly structured analyses and vague capability statements could result in an application non-competent Safety related system equipment with significant integration issues which could result in flawed claims of compliance and capability against IEC61508 and subsequent inability to provide the necessary risk reduction. Conversely, the need for a certificate does not assure the items covered under the certificate are better developed to provide the risk reduction than other non-certified equipment.

Is the well-presented stamped paper certificate, an indulgent bureaucratic way to feel good about using equipment in a safety critical application or does it actually carry value with regards to evidencing an adequate level of compliance with IEC61508?

This webinar aims at providing a view based on the application of a compliance assessment process to IEC61508 and highlight some of the benefits and downfalls of typical certification process for equipment or system.

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