ProSET Version 6 – New Features Webinar

ProSET Version 6 New Features Webinar - Engineering Safety Consultants

ProSET Version 6 New Features – Webinar

Webinar given by Engineering Safety Consultants (ESC)’s David Green and Matt Hinson on ProSET version 6 – New Features April 2020.

This webinar sets out the key feature developments in the new release of ProSET.  We’ve been hard at work over the last year making a series of big updates to ProSET, including:

  • Nested sub-branches in our SIL Verification module (ie. a 1oo2 in a 1oo2)
  • A new and improved Cost benefit Analysis module using ALARP
  • Risk Matrix for SIL Determination
  • A new Sessions and Attendees module allowing the recording of which Nodes/Hazards were assessed in which Sessions
  • A new Site Structure tool to assign Hazards/Nodes/Elements to site/plant/area/unit/etc with an organisations structure
  • An update to our Risk Profile, Risk Ranking and Risk Matrix tools allowing you to fully configure them directly in ProSET

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