Engineering Safety Consultants (ESC) has applied its 100+ combined years of technical safety know-how to develop ProSET®: The complete Process Safety Evaluation Toolset for Process Hazard Analysis, SIL Determination, SIL Verification, SRS and Operational Data Collection & Evaluation

ProSET® combines a family of modules allowing the user to complete risk assessment activities part of the Functional Safety Lifecycle, as required by international standards such as IEC 61508 and IEC 61511, including:

PHA Comp

Process Hazard Analysis Compliance Tool

  • HAZOP Module
  • Risk Ranking
  • Configurable Risk Matrix
  • Configurable Deviations (Guidewords/Parameters
  • Customizable for CHAZOP, HAZID etc
  • In line with IEC 61822

SIL Comp®

The SIL Compliance Software Tool

  • SIL Determination module:
    • Risk Graphs
    • LOPA
    • CBA
  • IEC 61508- certified SIL Verification module:
    • Sensitivity Analysis tool
    • Includes the SIF data subset from Technis FARADIP-THREE database
    • Customisable Failure Rate data
  • SRS module
  • In line with IEC 61508 and IEC 61511


Operation & Maintenance Data Collection Toolset

  • Capture and analyse:
    • SIS equipment failures and demands
    • Protection Layer equipment failures and demands
    • Failures identified at proof test and more
  • Analysis is performed for:
    • Demands
    • Safe Failures
    • Dangerous Failures