ProSET® 6.1 Released

ProSET Version 6.1We’ve been hard at work over the last year making a series of big updates to ProSET, including:

  • Nested sub-branches in our SIL Verification module (ie. a 1oo2 in a 1oo2)
  • A new and improved Cost benefit Analysis module using ALARP
  • Risk Matrix for SIL Determination
  • A new Sessions and Attendees module allowing the recording of which Nodes/Hazards were assessed in which Sessions
  • A new Site Structure tool to assign Hazards/Nodes/Elements to site/plant/area/unit/etc with an organisations structure
  • An update to our Risk Profile, Risk Ranking and Risk Matrix tools allowing you to fully configure them directly in ProSET

Check out the Changelog for full details, and the ProSET website for more info.  The Knowledgebase is a great place to start with ProSET including how-to guides and articles with screenshots of ProSET in action.

Let us know if you have any questions or would like a demo or quote.