Other Consultancy Services

ESC are experts in providing consultancy services for control and high-integrity safety system solutions with extensive design and manufacturing experience in the process and safety industries.

ESC staff have over 100 years combined experience in design and development of control and safety systems.

These services include project management, feasibility studies, system functional design specification, system solution design etc.

Other Consultancy Services Include:

ESC Safety Systems - specialist provider of Emergency Shutdown (ESD) System solutionsSafety Systems

ESC Safety Systems is a specialist provider of Emergency Shutdown (ESD) System solutions in the oil & gas, petrochemical, waste water, utilities, renewables, railway, military and manufacturing industries. We have provided ESD systems on numerous logic solver platforms, up to IEC 61511 SIL 3, including offshore High Integrity Protection Systems – HIPS

Dropped Object Analysis

ESC provide Dropped Object Analysis services to complement other risk assessment services on offer.

Dropped objects are significant initiators of incidents in many industries and are substantial contributors to the total risk for offshore and onshore facilities.

The consequences of a falling object include:

  • Personal injury/death
  • Structural damage
  • Damage to equipment
  • Release of hydrocarbons/fire

ESC’s Dropped Object Analysis consultants utilise a mathematical model that compares the mass of the dropped object with the height from which it falls to determine the force of impact and therefore categorise the damage caused.

Benefits include:

  • Identification of risks
  • Identification of high hazard zones
  • Determination of required protection
  • Compliance with UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Safety Case Requirements

Asset Performance Management

ESC is pleased to offer Asset Performance Management (APM) services to complement the range of Risk Management and risk assessment services on offer.

ESC’s specialist consultants utilise a process based upon the DMAIC methodology from Six Sigma.

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyse
  • Improve
  • Control

The APM process incorporates a range of techniques to maximise effectiveness and therefore ensure high reliability.

ESC offer Asset Performance Management (APM) services to complement the range of Risk Management and risk assessment services

Asset Perfomance Management (DMAIC Methodology)

A full APM program can include:

  • Definition of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Reliability Gap Analysis
  • Life Data Analysis
  • Degradation Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Recurrent Event Analysis
  • Maintenance Period Optimisation

Evacuation, Escape and Rescue Analysis

ESC can provide Evacuation, Escape & Rescue (EER) Analysis services to complement other risk assessment services on offer.

Determining safe and effective means of evacuation, escape or rescue is a critical part of design to minimise risk to an installation. It is also an integral part of the UK HSE Safety Case requirements.

ESC’s expert Evacuation, Escape and Rescue consultants use a specialised method to determine EER requirements for a range of vessels and installations including:

  • Pipelay vessels
  • Accommodation units
  • Offshore construction vessels
  • Fixed Platforms

A full Evacuation, Escape and Rescue Analysis will typically cover:

  • Identification of key potential accidents
  • Alarm and detection
  • Access to muster points
  • Temporary Refuge
  • Means of escape/evacuation
  • PPE and rescue requirements


ESC Ltd now offers a full range of services supporting compliance with the European ATEX Directive and Dangerous Substance and Explosive Atmospheres Regulations (DSEAR).

The ATEX Directive and DSEAR define the requirements and duties placed on employers with regards to protection and mitigation of fire and explosion risks within the workplace, including identification, assessment and risk reduction.

ESC provides a tailored service to assist employers in meeting the requirements defined in the ATEX Directive and DSEAR using best practice guidance and advanced modelling tools to support in-depth analysis of the requirements.

A complete set of ATEX and DSEAR consultancy services will usually include:

  • DSEAR Risk Assessment
  • Hazardous Area Classification
  • “Basis of Safety” documents
  • Site surveys
  • Equipment reviews
  • IS calculations
  • Training
ESC offers Fire & Gas Mapping services in addition to other risk assessment services

Fire & Gas Mapping

Fire and Gas Mapping

ESC is pleased to offer Fire & Gas Mapping services in addition to other risk assessment services on offer.

Optimisation of Fire and Gas detector placement is critical to ensure maximum coverage while minimising the number of detectors used and reducing associated costs.

ESC’s Fire and Gas Mapping consultants utilise specialised software to conduct 3-dimensional analysis of your site to determine the optimum location and orientation for detectors, in order to achieve compliance with:

  • BS EN ISO 13702
  • UKOOA Guidelines


  • Identification of low or no coverage areas
  • Optimised placement of detectors, including optimum orientation
  • Identification of hazards and mitigation of risks
  • Compliance with international standards

Building Risk Assessment

ESC is pleased to offer Building Risk Assessments (BRA) services to complement existing risk assessments services on offer.

Assessing risk to buildings on-site is an important aspect to any in-depth risk assessment. The location or design of an occupied building should be considered to minimise the risk to personnel and assets.

ESC’s Building Risk Assessment consultants utilise a software-based industry-approved method to identify risks, model consequences and propose mitigation measures where necessary.

A full BRA provides design inputs and decision support during the during project design phase.

This 3-stage assessment determines:

  • Which buildings are at risk in terms of occupancy and functionality
  • The hazards and consequences to which site buildings are exposed:
    • Explosion
    • Toxic
    • Flammable Cloud
    • Fire
  • Quantified risks to building occupants
  • Any further mitigation measures required

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