Operations and Maintenance Data Evaluation

Operations and Maintenance Data Evaluation service offered by Engineering Safety Consultants

Operations and Maintenance Data Evaluation service

IEC 61511-1:2016 has introduced new requirements with regards to the evaluation of actual performance of the equipment utilised within Safety Instrumented Systems (SIS) and Safety Instrumented Functions (SIFs). The requirements state: says ‘A FSA shall also be carried out periodically during the operations and maintenance phase to ensure that maintenance and operation are being carried out according to the assumptions made during design …..’


16.2.2 f) requires ‘procedures for collecting data related to the demand rate and SIS reliability parameters’

Operations and Maintenance Data Evaluation service

ESC can do the evaluation for you, saving the time for your staff to record, evaluate and report the performance of your system.  The evaluation utilises the ProSET package.

How does it work?

  • Step 1 – Provide data to ESC on the equipment which you have within your SIFs, including:
    • Tag number, Serial Number, Installation Date
    • Failure rate data used in Random Hardware Reliability Calculations (including functionality e.g. failure to detect high pressure, failure to close etc)
    • Service of the device (clean, dirty or average)
    • Estimated demand rate for the devices
    • Any existing records of failures (random dangerous and random safe) and demands
  • Step 2 – ESC setup the system for recording and evaluating your data
  • Step 3 – Initial report issued showing set-up
  • Step 4 – Each prescribed interval (monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly, yearly) submit your recorded failures and demands in CSV format
  • Step 5 – ESC process the data and provide report

Steps 4 & 5 continue as prescribed in the agreement.

The data can also be viewed within ProSET with a ProSET Viewer license.

More Information

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