Online Functional Safety Workshops

Online Functional Safety Workshop

Online Functional Safety Workshop

As travel became harder in recent weeks, we’ve worked with our clients to host our HAZOP and LOPA workshops via video conferencing.  We’ve even hosted training sessions with 20+ participants!  We’ve had excellent feedback, and, in some instances, we’ve seen an increase in productivity.

We’ve noticed that:

  • The ability to see which participant is speaking via webcam or via the attendee list
  • An impressive lack of background noise
  • Use of screen sharing
  • Use of PC access sharing. i.e. allowing other participants to ‘drive’ the host PC have all led to great and productive workshops.

We’ve been impressed with how effective our online studies have been and encourage our customers to host their meetings and workshops using video conferencing to avoid any project delays and missed deadlines.

Let us know if you have any questions.