ESC to present at the IET’s Safety Critical Systems Course (SCS): Managing systems, hardware, software and human factors safely

ESC’s Ron Bell along with Dr Fan Ye and David Green
will be speaking at the IET’s 27th Safety Critical Systems Course: Managing systems, hardware, software and human factors safely on the 5th – 7th June 2019.

Safety Critical Systems Course: Managing systems, hardware, software and human factors safely

Delegates attending the three-day course will learn how to interpret and apply IEC 61508 through tutorials, practical exercises and discussions, all are delivered by a host of safety critical system experts from industry and academia.

Themes for the course include an introduction to IEC 61508, risk concepts and IEC 61508 standards, hardware architectures and safety assurance and software safety.

Delegates will be presented with topical case studies and offered best practices in improving the performance of safety-related systems.

Date: 5th – 7th June 2019

Location: Wyboston Lakes, Training Centre, Bedfordshire

Who should attend

The course is aimed at those who have responsibilities for safety critical systems within the scope of IEC 61511. In particular:

  • Plant managers of process plants who have responsibility for the management of functional safety involving safety instrumented systems.
  • Control and instrumentation engineers, chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers who have a responsibility or are expected to participate in SIL determination exercises, specification, design, operation and maintenance of plants employing safety instrumented systems.
  • Systems integrators of safety-related systems conforming to IEC 61508 but also safety-related systems conforming to standards based on IEC 61508 such as IEC 61511 and IEC 62061.

Benefits of attending

  • Analyse the requirements of the European safety standard IEC 61508, and the UK defence standards 00-55 and 00-56 and obtain explanation in terms of the program requirements for better compliance
  • Learn architectural design of safety critical systems and the factors that lead to specific architectural decisions that would help you master also such areas as reliability, maintainability and system support
  • Understand organisational aspects of safety critical systems while studying projects related to various human cognitive and social considerations in order to prevent errors and failures in systems development
  • Test your newly acquired knowledge through analysing cross-industry case study material and practical exercises in hazard identification and analysis that would prepare you managing systems, hardware, software and human factors issues more efficiently

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