ESC to present at European Safety and Reliability (ESREL) Conference

Engineering Safety Consultants Dr. Fan Ye is to present at European Safety and Reliability (ESREL) Conference ESC’s Dr. Fan Ye is to present at the European Safety and Reliability (ESREL) Conference to be held in Glasgow between 25th and 29th September.  He will be presenting his paper “Qualitative versus quantitative risk assessment”.


ESREL2016 brings together researchers and practitioners in safety, reliability, risk, resilience and asset management to look at new approaches to deal with challenges faced across all industry sectors.  The technical programme includes plenaries from leading scientific, business and regulatory speakers, keynote tutorials led by international experts and over 400 contributed papers spanning a range of scientific developments as well as practical applications.

Qualitative versus quantitative risk assessment

The paper “Qualitative versus quantitative risk assessment” compares the qualitative and quantitative risk assessment methodologies and discusses the common issues associated with the different risk assessment methodologies.

The discussion is conducted in the context of UK health and safety risk tolerability framework and a typical risk assessment process. The qualitative risk assessment, although it does not generate results that can be directly compared against the numerical risk tolerability criteria, if conducted properly, can offer valuable insights in distribution of individual risks and help prioritize effort to reduce risk. The quantitative risk assessment, on the other hand, generates risk measures that can be directly compared against the risk tolerability criteria, but there are various sources of uncertainty that would affect the accuracy of the results obtained from the assessment.

Qualitative and quantitative risk assessments are not mutually exclusive. One would be more suitable than the other when assessing the risk for different facilities, or the different lifecycle stages of the same facility.


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