What is a FSA?

A Functional Safety Assessment (FSA) is performed to investigate the adequacy of the functional safety achieved by the E/E/PE safety-related system(s) or compliant items (such as components/subsystems) based on compliance with the relevant clauses of IEC 61508.

The standard defines multiple stages at which an FSA should be considered. An FSA must be conducted prior to the introduction of hazards. The project should be reviewed as to when this could be. There may be multiple periods of time in which hazards are present (they may also be different too), in which case numerous FSA’s would be required.

Those carrying out a FSA shall be competent in the conducting of FSA, have adequate independence and shall consider the activities carried out, the outputs obtained during each phase of the lifecycles and judge the extent to which the objectives and requirements of IEC 61508 have been met.