ESC’s 2020 Functional Safety Webinar Series

ESC’s 2020 Functional Safety Webinar SeriesESC have been evaluating how we can engage with our clients more effectively for training activities.  One of our goals for 2020 is to increase the accessibility of these sessions as we have customers all over the world.

The training team have been working for the last 6 months on solutions to deliver our existing courses and seminars online, including evaluating e-learning solutions, webinars and courses being delivered in a virtual classroom with our tutors.

Due to the current global situation (March 2020) the program has been accelerated to launch earlier than planned. We’re able to offer our seminars now along with our online training courses, with e-learning courses to follow later.

So we’ll be running our FREE webinars while people are away from their offices – we’re also running many of our training courses online!

The webinars are being held twice per day via Zoom. We do have a limit due to the zoom limits of participants but if we get more people than places across the two sessions then we will be making the video available and can even run another session.

The sessions are being led by our team of trainers and consultants, the details of who can be found within the session details.

These sessions are a great way to increase your knowledge and continue your professional development.


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