ESC to present at Master Class in Process Safety at the University of Limerick

ESC are to present at 1 day Master Class in Process Safety at the University of Limerick.  Ron Bell will be presenting and conducting three workshops.

The 1-day master class will be a blend of:

  • Lecture-style plenary sessions (followed by Q&As) aimed at raising awareness and understanding of key issues in process safety
  • Interactive workshops designed to provide practical tools and guidance in the area of process safety.

Aattendance will greatly benefit those in the pharmaceutical / chemical production sector who are involved with or who influence production activities from either a technical, managerial or strategic perspective.

Dates: 9th of May 2018
Location: University of Limerick, Limerick, Ireland, V94 T9PX

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Master Class in Process Safety

ESC Presenters

How Safe is Safe Enough?

Ron’s presentation “How Safe Is Safe Enough” will set out the key elements that form the foundation for determining what is deemed “safe” in the context of Safety Instrumented System (SIS) in order to judge “How Safe Is Safe Enough”? In particular, the presentation will cover:

  • Risk Reduction Concepts & Target Harmful Event Frequencies
  • HSE’s delivery guidelines dealing with functional safety
  • Concept of accepted good practice
  • ALARP demonstration and Cost Benefit Analysis


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Master Class in Process Safety