ESC to present at IET Safety Critical Systems Course 2018

ESC to present at IET Safety Critical Systems CourseESC to present at IET’s 26th Safety Critical Systems Seminar and Course 2018. With system complexity advancing at a fast pace, this four-day course is designed to give you an extensive and authoritative account of the requirements for functional safety through in-depth discussions and practical training course exercises.

This year’s SCS seminar 18th June and gives an exclusive overview of key performance indicators in operational maintenance of safety critical systems, safety integrity levels achievement and management across a range of industry sectors.

The event agenda showcases topical case studies and offers best practices in improving the performance of safety-related systems, safety assessment and assurance, so that companies may stay both safe and compliant.

Dates: 18 – 21 June 2018
Location: IET London: Savoy Place, London, UK

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What will delegates gain from attending?

  • Analyse the requirements of the European safety standard IEC 61508, and the UK defence standards 00-55 and 00-56 and obtain explanation in terms of the program requirements for better compliance
  • Learn architectural design of safety critical systems and the factors that lead to specific architectural decisions that would help you master also such areas as reliability, maintainability and system support
  • Understand organisational aspects of safety critical systems while studying projects related to various human cognitive and social considerations in order to prevent errors and failures in systems development
  • Test your newly acquired knowledge through analysing cross-industry case study material and practical exercises in hazard identification and analysis that would prepare you managing systems, hardware, software and human factors issues more efficiently

Course objectives

This professional development course will:

  • Introduction to IEC 61508, risk and SILs
  • Management, design, assessment and maintenance
  • Software safety and cyber security