ESC joined the ERM Group of Companies

ESC joined the ERM group of companies

ESC is delighted to share that it has joined the ERM group of companies, bringing an exciting prospect to 2021.

ESC joined the ERM group of companies 

Environmental Resources Management (ERM) is a leading global provider of environmental, health, safety, risk, social consulting services and sustainability related services and the acquisition of ESC will bring the expertise of both companies together to enhance and strength our services.

The partnership between ESC and ERM will now be better placed to address client’s technical and functional safety challenges associated with high-hazard processes in chemicals, mining, pharmaceuticals, oil and gas, utilities, automotive and manufacturing sectors.

ESC brings its expertise in applying functional and technical safety to hydrogen, carbon capture and storage, offshore wind, hydro projects and flood defence, supporting the group’s clients as they navigate the low carbon energy transition.

“We are excited about our future as part of the ERM group and the extensive opportunities that are now possible for our business and our employees. This acquisition will allow us to better serve our existing client base with an expanded array
of services and expertise
on a global level.”

ESC Managing Director – Simon Burwood

“Safety is paramount to the success of any company, and a key aspect of this for many includes functional safety. ERM helps its clients around the world with the whole spectrum of safety-associated services as experts in addressing the functional, behavioral, process and technical aspects of this work.

The evolving complexity of industrial processes and systems driven by ‘Industry 4.0’ and new applications of technology are changing the risk landscape for our clients. This, coupled with increasing compliance requirements is creating greater demand for our services in the growing functional safety services market.

ERM’s intention is to rapidly grow and expand our capabilities organically and inorganically, so that we extend our leadership position in this space. The acquisition of ESC supports this aim, and enables us to serve our clients’ needs better by broadening our service offering”

ERM CEO – Keryn James