ESC is celebrating its 10th Anniversary

ESC is celebrating its 10th Anniversary

ESC is celebrating its 10th Anniversary and the whole team is very proud to be celebrating this milestone.

Engineering Safety Consultants started its journey with 3 key figures, Ken Simpson, Simon Burwood and Ron Bell in 2010. As the years went by ESC expanded, opening its office in Warrington in 2013 with Dr Fan Ye and David Green, soon to be joined by our office in Humberside with Paulo Oliveira.

ESC is celebrating its 10th Anniversary

10 years later we have a great team of experts in the technical safety field, 3 offices in the UK, over 200 clients all over the globe, plus countless successful candidates on our growing number of training courses.

We don’t know what the next ten years will bring, but our promise to bring the same level of high-quality solutions to our clients and the great team work and atmosphere with our colleagues and partners will continue through all the years to come.

The anniversary Campaign

As part of our celebration we will shine a spotlight on the people that make this company extraordinary and so special to each one of us.

Watch out for our regular posts where some of us will be sharing a bit of our journey in these past 10 years, starting with ESC first employee Jaspreet Chana.

Jaspreet Chana

‘I joined ESC in Jan 2012 so I’ve had the opportunity to grow with the Company both professionally and personally.
It has been an incredible journey with a fantastic team and I’m so proud to have been a part of it – we’ve had many highs, a few lows and lots of laughter!
Here’s to making more memories…Happy Anniversary ESC!’

Jaspreet Chana – ESC 1st Employee

Thank you to everyone who has been part of ESC’s journey. Here is some of the faces that make our story.