ESC Chantal Sealey interviewed by STEAM POWER for IWD

ESC senior consultant Chantal Sealey was interviewed by STEAM POWER for IWD – International Women Day 2021.

Chantal was interviewed by Rijole Bitata, founder & director at STEAM POWER, a social enterprise that aims to open doors to diversity changing the negative ideas that many young people from the African & African-Caribbean communities have around career choices and opportunities in the field of STEM.

ESC Chantal Sealey interviewed by STEAM POWER for IWD

In this great conversation Chantal discusses and reflects on her career in engineering, the difficulties early on in getting a job, and how she can see the shift in education that is finally opening the doors and ideas to women to follow a different career path.

Rijole and Chantal also talk about how the perception of people in seeing women in the STEAM field can be an influence early on when women are making their career choices.

“It needs to start at community level and within schools, we need to have people from black communities going in and talking with the kids in schools, maybe even running workshops and making fun activities with the children that relates to Maths and engineering and try show it is not all hard equations and engineering is not all about building something … get the kids to think of solutions to problems because they are the next generation, they will be the ones  building bridges, cars so this is about showing them the fun side of engineering and that there is this other option to go down to.”

Chantal Sealey

Watch the full interview here, like and share. And if you would like to read more about STEAM POWER work check their website here.

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