ESC Chantal Sealey featured by STEMAZING

Blog_ESC Chantal Sealey featured by STEMAZING

ESC is delighted to share that our senior consultant Chantal Sealey is featured by STEMAZING as part of the ‘Meet A Woman In STEM’.

ESC Chantal Sealey featured by STEMAZING

In March we shared a blog where Chantal Sealey was interviewed by STEAM POWER for IWD – International Women Day 2021, and we couldn’t be prouder to see her sharing her story again.

‘Meet a woman in STEM’ by STEMAZING is showcasing women working in a variety of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths roles giving more visibility and empowering women in STEM to inspire young people to follow in their footsteps.

Chantal is making her mark and inspiring women and girls to discover and follow a career in STEM. Well done Chantal!

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