David Green’s One Million Step Challenge

ESC’s David Green is taking part in the Diabetes UK One Million Step Challenge alongside over 24,000 others in the UK. 

Diabetes UK One Million Step Challenge

The One Million Step Challenge is a fundraising event by Diabetes UK that is helping many people to keep healthy during these strange times. The goal is to reach one million steps in three months.

I have had Diabetes since 1996 and due to the research conducted by Diabetes UK I can now treat with a pump. The ultimate goal is to find a cure, which I can only dream about! I’m going from lockdown movement of around 3000 steps per day to over 10,000 steps per day to make the 1 million steps.

David’s current commute from the lounge to the conservatory is way much shorter than heading to the office so this challenge has him feeling motivated with walks before work, lunchtime and after work. His walking buddy, Bailey (pictured), seems to be happy with the new routine too as he is sleeping more often.

At the end of day 21, David has reached 229,745 steps (roughly 115 miles) and by the end of September David will have walked 1,000,000 steps which is approximately 500 miles. This distance is slightly more than walking from ESC Warrington office, on a round trip to each of ESC’s offices in Wimbledon and Humberside (472 miles).

I am very grateful for those who have supported my wife and myself, especially in these troubled times. It is important to support charities currently as their normal fundraising activities have been severely impacted. Every £1 counts if you could motivate us to walk the ESC loop we’d be very grateful. Please gift aid if you can too as the chancellor will then give the charity the tax back too. Keep watching my progress and donate if you feel that you can on my page below.

David Green