Onsite Failure Rate Data Collection Tool

Part of the ProSET® family of tools to manage your Functional Safety Lifecycle with PHA Comp and SIL Comp
Transfer information between modules, such as Demand Rate and SIL Targets
Easy to use interface

About DATA Comp

DATA Comp provides a simple tool to record and evaluate operational parameters (demands and failures) for the Safety Instrumented Functions (SIFS), Independent Protection Layers (IPL) or other equipment.

Why Data Comp?

Capture Demand and Failure Data Track Demands, Safe Failures and Dangerous Detected & Undetected Failures
Actual vs Predicted Compare Actual Demand Rate vs the Predicted Demand Rate used in SIL Determination (Automatically transferred from SIL Comp if LOPA conducted within ProSET)
Actual vs Predicted Failures Compare your Actual Failure Rates (Safe, Dangerous Detected and Dangerous Undetected) with those used in your SIL Verification
Links to SIL Verification Failure Rates and the configuration of SIFs obtained from SIL Comp to suggest Dangerous Failure Modes to asses



ProSET® is licensed to an individual machine but can be deactivated to be used on another, great when, for example, one department would carry out a SIL Determination and another department the SIL Verification.

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