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Top ten tips for an effective HAZOP (part two)

Simon Burwood Following my recent blog, Top ten tips for an effective HAZOP (part one), here are my remaining five tips for an Effective HAZOP.   I’ve accrued these tips during my years at Engineering Safety Consultants (ESC) as a HAZOP chair on what makes a good (and not so good!) HAZOP.  Do you have any other tips to add? 6. SET CLEAR OBJECTIVES Be clear on wha… More

Opportunities for Functional Safety in Current Economy

New Opportunities for Functional Safety During Low Economic Growth Period The current slow and unstable global economic growth has put huge pressure and challenges on engineering consultants to find new opportunities for Functional Safety. Due to falling oil prices, typical requests for functional safety consultancy and risk assessments have tailed off. Stalling forec… More

ESC’s Simon Burwood elected to IEC 61511 Maintenance Committee

Simon Burwood Engineering Safety Consultants (ESC) Limited is proud to announce that Simon Burwood has been elected to the IEC 61511 Maintenance Committee (MT61511) as a UK expert on Functional Safety. … More

Top ten tips for an effective HAZOP (part one)

Simon Burwood HAZOP is a key tool in Process Hazard and Risk Assessment and can also form the basis of any IEC 61508 / IEC 61511 Functional Safety Assessment. A HAZOP workshop, however, can be a costly exercise, so it’s clearly important to get ‘bang for your buck’.  So what makes an Effective HAZOP? Having chaired numerous HAZOPs all over the world… More

ESC’s David Green elected to InstMC Safety Panel

David Green Engineering Safety Consultants (ESC) Limited is proud to announce that David Green, Engineering Manager at ESC’s Warrington office, has been been elected to the InstMC Safety Panel (SP). The InstMC Safety Panel The SP is one of a number of panels and committees reporting to the Learned Society Board of the Institute, with the SP responsible for promo… More